The story of Kokoda - the heroic defence of our nation against a powerful foreign invader - is finally gaining its rightful place at the forefront of the Australian consciousness. However, one can only begin to understand what really took place on that remote jungle pathway during WWII by actually trekking over its arduous course. Walking the Kokoda track has become an important experience for every Australian. The physical and mental challenges of the Track, including an understanding of the courage and sacrifice shown by Australia’s diggers, offer a life-changing experience for every trekker.

After the war, the Kokoda legend lay dormant for six decades, during which time the New Guinean jungle reclaimed many of its historic sites. After years of painstaking research on the track itself, and with the aid of the fast-thinning ranks of both Australian and Japanese veterans, Bill James has played an important part in uncovering the ‘lost battlefields’ of Kokoda. His publication, Field Guide to the Kokoda Track, is regarded as the ‘trekkers bible’. Bill acts as historical advisor for On Track Expeditions, and has passed his extensive knowledge of the campaign on to our trek leaders.

Our trek leaders are passionate about Kokoda and its history. They are historians, not just tour guides. We have met every living Kokoda veteran and conducted over 100 personal interviews.
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